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Generator supply



If you require an emergency/alternative supply from the electricity suppliers, an ATS panel is required. The ATS panel will switch to the emergency supply when needed.

FUSE are able to design and install the equipment. The panel will be manufactured to meet the requirements of each site.

The ATS once in place can be connected to a generator at any time in the future (a generator can be hired for short term use if there is a specific time when a guaranteed supply is required) or a generator purchased and connected permanently.

Please call N.Almond for further information on the design and installation of Generator sets and ATS panels

800A ACI rated automatic changeover panel - opposite, was installed for a generator at a college

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ATS Panels are designed to automatically connect the power supply to the load. The mains supply is monitored and upon a full or partial failure the control panel will signal the generator to start via a voltcontact. When the generator reaches normal speed and voltage the available signal is given to the panel and the generator contactor will close, when the mains supply returns to within limits the start signal will be removed and the mains restore delay commences, after this period expires the available signal is removed thus opening the generator contactor and allowing the mains contactor to re-close restoring the mains supply to load.

The panels are offered in two enclosure formats:
A) Wall' mounting
B) Free standing
Enclosures are manufactured from mild steel sheet, finished to RAL7032 grey textured epoxy powder, with front lockable door, external protection to IP52.As standard panels are arranged for front access and bottom cable entry with steel gland plate.

Standard Specification
Each panel is provided with the following equipment:
Pair changeover contactors -4 pole AC I rated, electrically & mechanically interlocked Mains phase failure/undervoltage relay

Indicators for: - Mains Available
Mains On Load
Generator Available
Generator On Load
Volt-free contact for Generator start/stop
Control circuit fuses
Auxiliary mains supply fuse - for generator battery charger/heaters
Set of control terminals
Set of load output terminals
Perspex screening for contactor and output terminals

A switched fuse isolator will be installed (retro-fit) to the existing installation (opposite)

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