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Energy efficient design

Example of an energy saving design and installation

Original Installation

Underground car park lighting

The lights on 24 hours a day with no control
Result: High running costs through unnecessary electricity use

The lights (SON 70watt sodium) damaged by constant use - the damaged internal ballast's caused a short circuit fault and loss of supply, therefore no lighting in parts of the car park
Result: High maintenance costs and inconvenience

On going replacement of lamps
Result: High maintenance costs

SON 70E (external ballast) lamps although reliable , and long lasting are not considered energy efficient and are not suitable to be switched on/off over short time periods

Adapt - the existing SON 70 lights by removing the internal ballast and replace the SON 70E lamp with a 40w Megaman clusterlite (internal ballast) compact florescent lamp.

Install - STEINEL 360 infra red motion sensors to switch the lights ( via contactors) by the movement of persons (covering 350m and time variable)
Install - STEINEL 360 high frequency motion sensors to switch the lights by the movement of vehicles (covering 350m and time variable)

The contactors which are operated by the sensors, are used, to switch the lights on/off to provide long term reliable service and avoid the overload of the motion sensors

So far: After 1 year of continuous use (2011 - 2012)
No maintenance costs
No replacement lamps required
On average a reduction in use from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to 3 hours a day, 5-6 days a week

Significant energy and cost savings and very reliable service and minimal disruption to the existing installation. Achieved by adapting the existing equipment as a retrofit installation to significantly reduce running and maintenance costs.
A low cost solution to reducing energy use and saving money by good design.
This design can be used for a wide range of installations and locations

The lamps
The Megaman CLUSTERLITE produces formidable illumination with exceptional high lumen maintenance, making it the perfect substitute for metal halide and mercury tungsten blended lamps.

Product Features

  • Instant restart capability with rapid start-up time achieved with 120 seconds
  • High colour rendering index of Ra82
  • Excellent colour uniformity with minimal colour shift of only +/-100K
  • Available in a range of colour temperatures from 3000K to 6500K
  • Engineered with patented cooling tube to guarantee over 76% lumen maintenance throughout lamp life
  • Rated lamp life of 15,000 hours
  • Effective operation in temperature range from -400 to +800c
  • Optimum operating position is base up
  • Cluster-type lamp tube design allows continuous illumination upon partial failure of lamp tubes
  • Suitable for use with lighting controls - microwave and photocell sensors to save further energy


  • Shopping centres
  • Public area lighting
  • Car parks
  • Amenity lighting
  • High and low bay fittings
  • General outdoor lighting

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