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Energy efficiency


Energy efficiency

The control of lighting through time switches, motion detectors and light levels in areas such as corridors, stairs, toliets and car parks is best practice. This will reduce running costs and less maintenance is required - such as changing lamps and luminaires.

Set heating controls to the appropriate times when the builiding is occupied and a suitable warm-up time i.e. pre heat the building before the building is occuopied is an essential part of energy efficient use.

Interest free loans are available over 5 years when it is demonstrated energy efficiency can be improved and savings made. The cost of the works is therfore paid for - by the savings made from using less gas/electricity over the 5 years the interest free loan is paid

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A guide to energy use following a site survey can be provided. A report
on energy use compared to degree days and energy use in general will include a summary and a conclusion on the efficiency of the heating system and where savings can be made. These may be - is the boiler output over/under sized. Also where improvements can be made for more efficient lighting and best practice to reduce heat loss. Good practice, including a comparison with similar sites that apply energy efficient practices will be show. A detailed record of energy use is required for this service, however energy surveys are possible without such information
Smart meters will start to be fitted into most building over the next few years therefore this information will be more widely available in the near future.

A typical conclusion form a commercial survey (carried out and written by N.Almond) is provided below


5.1 Space heating and Ventilation
The existing heating time controls offer little scope for improving the level of control needed to match the changing hours of the building occupancy. For example the time clock for the wet system is 24 hour, which does not allow for adjusting the heating time over the weekends or holidays. A substitution of the existing mechanical time-clocks to digital 5/2 day programmable room thermostats with a self learning optimum start will provide the most efficient use of space heating control.

Why choose FUSE for this service
In addition to 25 years experience and knowledge within the electrical contacting industry: Nick Almond has an Honours degree in Environmental Science Energy and a Masters degree in Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

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