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Testing and certification of local area network cables and connections

This service is the Testing and Certification of local area network cables and connections. It includes the patch leads, panel connections, cables and data point connections. The benefits of this test and report for building managers and IT departments is a clear report on the whole of the local network - where potential problems may occur.

The details are:
Using a structured cable tester (SCT) to certify and evaluate copper and fibre cabling installations. Certifying the performance of high speed cabling to today's industry standards for twisted pair to all approved ISO and TIA standards and therefore provide certification compliant to ISO TIA and IEEE standards. Accurately certify high-performance cable systems - Cat 5, 5e, 6 & 7. The SCT supports all standard specified tests including:

  • wire map
  • delay
  • delay skew
  • length
  • DC resistance
  • insertion loss
  • return loss
  • NEXT
  • power Sum NEXT (PSNEXT)
  • Equal level Far-end cross talk (ELFEXT)
  • Power sum ELFEXT (PSELFEXT)
  • Attenuation to cross talk ratio (ACR)
  • Power sum ACR (PSACR)
  • diagnostic measurements
  • channel correction capability

The tests will pinpoint the distance to link disturbances on each measured pair. TD NEXT and TD return loss display the distance and strength of each pair's worst case disturbance for quickly pin pointing one or more faults. This is highly useful for confirming connector or cable failures. Graphic TD NEXT and TD Return loss display every pair's disturbances vs distance on a graph to pinpoint all possible faults. This is highly useful for diagnosing all possible link failures.

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